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Building 500, Room 203

Yuyang Wang

Ph.D student


Yuyang is a third year Ph.D. student. His research interests lie in craft production, technological developments, and migration patterns of the Yellow River Valley, Neolithic China. His focus has been petrographic analysis on ceramic samples and geological materials, investigating the Neolithic ceramic production in relation to the social status of craftsmen, labor division, and transmission of knowledge.

Tel Yaqush Excavation Project II (2019, Israel)

Tel Yaqush Excavation Project I (2018, Israel)

Tao River Archaeological Project (2018, Gansu, China)

Dawenkou (2014, Shandong, China)

Petrographic Analysis of Ban Chiang Ceramic Samples 

Archaeometallurgical Analysis of Ban Chiang Bronze Samples

Petrographic Analysis on Woodland Flower Pots from Philadelphia

Petrographic Analysis of Vasiliki Wares from Crete

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