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Building 500, Room 203

Yahui He

Ph.D candidate


Yahui He is a PhD candidate in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, specializing in Chinese archaeology. Her research interests include human-plant relationships, food production and consumption, and their discourses in sociopolitical dimensions in prehistoric China in a longue durée. Most recently, her field and laboratory work has been oriented to foodways in the Northern Zone of China (northern Shannxi and south-central Inner Mongolia) during the Neolithic period by employing archaeobotanical approaches. In addition, she has been engaged in collaborative projects from other regions in China and beyond (Taiwan, Honduras, and Peru, etc. ) and a series of experimental studies. 


Prior to Stanford, she received dual BA degrees in History, Archaeology track and Law at Xiamen University, China in 2013 and MA degree in Archaeological Studies at Yale University in 2015, mainly focusing on pottery technology and production and interregional interactions in Neolithic southeast coastal China and beyond.

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