Our Current and Past Conferences

  • “Small Things Forgotten”: From Acorn Foraging to Rice Agriculture in South China

    Jiajing Wang, 08.20.2020

  • 何以尖底瓶:新石器革命与酒醴麹糵

    Li Liu, 08.02.2020

  • Alcohol, rituals and spiritual world in ancient China and beyond: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

    Alcohol Symposium 2019

  • Transitions from Foraging to Farming in Ancient China and Beyond: An Archaeobotanical Perspective

    Archaeobotany Symposium 2017

  • The Origins and Development of Urbanization in Early China: A Comparative Perspective

    Urbanism Symposium 2015

About Us

We are a team of archaeologists discovering ancient food cultures around the world.

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