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Building 500, Room 207

Jingpu Li

Ph.D Student


Jingpu Li 李敬朴 is a 1st year Ph.D. student in Chinese Archaeology. Before Stanford, he received a B.S. in Chemistry (2019) and an M.S. in Archaeological Science (2022) from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He focused on archaeological chemistry, including ancient alcohols, ceramics, jades, and Chinese alchemy. At Stanford, he plans to learn the research paradigm of archaeology and anthropology and, if possible, introduce or extend metabolomics to archaeological research.

Current research

Multi-Omics characterization of a 1300-year-old liquid unearthed in Northwest China

Speculation on the death of Haihun Marquis in Han Dynasty—Evidence from spectroscopic analysis of buried soils.


Li, Jingpu, Jiyun Yang, Jun Cao, Puheng Nan, Jie Gao, Danshu Shi, Bin Han, and Yimin Yang. "Characterization of liquor remains in Beibaie site, central China during the 8th century BCE." Microchemical Journal 177 (2022): 107293.

Chen, Dian, Yimin Yang, Baotong Qiao, Jingpu Li, and Wugan Luo. "Integrated interpretation of pXRF data on ancient nephrite artifacts excavated from Tomb No. 1 in Yuehe Town, Henan Province, China." Heritage Science 10, no. 1 (2022): 1-12.

Li, Jingpu, Xingjun Hu, Bo Wang, Hongen Jiang, Yimin Yang, and Bin Han. "Organic residue analysis of some Tang Dynasty calabash remains unearthed in Xinjiang." The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology 43, no. 4 (2022): 507-518. (in Chinese)

Li, Jingpu and Yimin Yang. "The Origin and Development of Fritware in the Middle East." Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities (Natural Science Edition) 27, no. 3 (2021): 52-60. (in Chinese)

Lai, Yue, Xiao Kuang, Wen-Hong Yang, Yu Wang, Ping Zhu, Jing-Pu Li, Xia Dong, and Du-Jin Wang. "Dynamic bonds mediate π-π interaction via phase locking effect for enhanced heat resistant thermoplastic polyurethane." Chinese Journal of Polymer Science 39 (2021): 154-163.

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