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Hao Zhao

Associate Professor of Archaeology

Peking University

I received my PhD degree from Stanford University with a sub-plan on Chinese Archaeology in 2017. I am currently an Associated Professor teaching archaeology at Zhengzhou University in China. My primary research is related to zooarchaeology. My recent research mainly focuses on the food provision and consumption of animal resources in the context of early urbanization in China. I investigate the evolution of socioeconomic networks through faunal remains from different functional sections in urban and rural settings (such as palaces, craft workshops, living quarters, etc.). Another research project is about the breeding, hunting, and utilizing exotic, precious animals by royal elites, currently focusing on the abundant remains of David's deer excavated at the Shanglin Royal Garden of the Qin dynasty in Xianyang. In addition, I am collaborating with Stanford team on foodway research through starch and phytolith analyses.

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